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The Suzuki Method

Children all over the world learn to speak their native language or mother tongue with ease, no matter how complicated the language might be. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) believed that the same steps involved in language acquisition can be applied to music learning, and that every child is capable of music learning. Learn more about the Suzuki Method here.

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Margot Jewell and Tricia Balmer with some ESM students at the 2019 Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute


A screenshot of ESM's festive 2020 Winter Play-in! The Zoom event had over 125 attendees.

ESM Alumni

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Here is a message we received after the 2020 Winter Play-in:

This school creates an environment that encourages rapid personal growth. The variety of instruction promotes development in different ways. Our 6 year-old daughter takes private and group violin lessons. She also participates in "Music and Movement" which engages her in a magical discovery of rhythm through motion. Finally, it's always a delight to watch our performer participate in concerts. This fall, the experience of a Zoom-based concert did not diminish her enthusiasm to share a (screen) stage with dozens of other musicians. Her amazement at hearing the performances of older students inspires her, instills camaraderie and makes our family proud to be associated with this wonderful program.
Roman S.