At ESM we offer a Core Instrumental Program for violin, viola and cello students. All ESM students receive one private lesson and one group class every week. The Core Program also includes two annual concerts, a solo recital, book recitals when appropriate and an annual all day workshop.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons run for 36 weeks each year beginning in mid September and finishing at the end of the first week in June. Lessons are held in various location in Etobicoke and West Toronto.

Group Classes

Group classes for ESM students vary according to student level. In addition to time with their instruments, classes for younger students include Music and Movement, where they continue their musical development with rhythmic and singing games. Classes for older students include instruction in reading skills and ensemble playing. Senior students may receive chamber music coaching as part of their group experience. Group classes run from mid September to late November and January to late April. They are held Monday evenings between 4:55 and 9:00 pm at PLAST (516 The Kingsway, at Kipling Ave.).

Music and Movement

These classes are part of the group class experience for the first couple of years. The children have half an hour instrumental group class and half an hour music and movement. These classes provide a setting for the children to learn various skills including singing, feeling rhythms with their bodies and group participation.

Parent Education

Parent Ed classes are provided for parents of beginners. After the children have settled in, these occur during the half hour of the Music and Movement class. Topics covered provide valuable information for new parents as well as motivation and support (see Parents for more information).

School-Wide Concerts

Two concerts are held in the late fall and spring and provide all the students (even the beginners) with an opportunity to play as part of a group and demonstrate what they have learned. These concerts are held in the lovely Concert Hall at PLAST, providing the students with the chance to play on a ‘big’ stage. 

Solo Recitals

Solo recitals are held on two Sundays in late May or early June. Each student prepares a piece to perform in a one hour recital of approximately ten to twenty students.

Book Recitals

These are held four or five times per year and are for those students who have completed a level of their studies. They consist of recitals in which the students play three pieces from the book they have completed. This is our way of celebrating the achievement of the students.

ESM Workshop

All ESM students have the opportunity to participate in this annual all-day workshop with guest teachers and a variety of activities. The workshop is intended as a motivating experience for both students and parents. The experience of working with new and excellent teachers, as well as having a special event for which to prepare, generates excitement and enthusiasm. All students have a group lesson, an enrichment class and a group 'play-in'. There are also extra activities such as crafts, games, a video, and a motivational parent talk, throughout the day. Students who wish to do so may also sign up for a semi-private lesson with one of the guest teachers.

The basic workshop fee is included in the regular ESM fees; there is an additional charge for those who wish to have semi-private lessons. Please note that any ESM student who wishes to participate in the workshop must register so that class schedules can be drawn up. Occasionally ESM opens its workshop to outside students, depending on availability of space.