One of the strengths of ESM is the Enrichment Program that is also available to the students as they become more advanced. These classes support and broaden the musical experience of our students. There is an additional fee for these classes.



Rhythmic Reading

This class uses rhythmic reading exercises, singing, theory, games and various other activities to help develop the music reading skills of the students.

Chamber Music

ESM has a strong Chamber Music program with three orchestras and several small ensembles. The students are introduced to ensemble playing in Tutti, our beginner orchestra. This is their first experience reading new music and playing together on different parts. From there they move to Vivace and Encore, our intermediate and advanced orchestras where they progress through more advanced and challenging repertoire. In addition to being fun, ensemble playing provides an introduction to orchestral repertoire and playing music in harmony with the other instruments as well as an opportunity to improve music reading skills. Elaine McLeod conducts our orchestras and does wonderful work with the students.

We also have several small ensembles (quartets or trios) in which the senior students take on complete responsibility for their own part in challenging repertoire. These are each coached by a faculty member.

We have two Chamber Music concerts in the year. Family groups sometimes join the orchestras to perform in the fall concert and the orchestras and quartets/trios perform in the spring concert. These concerts are highlights of the year.

Community Performances

Performing outside the context of ESM gives students the sense of belonging to and having a responsibility to a broader community. These concerts also give students additional opportunities to perform in public. Our students perform at school fairs, nursing and retirement homes and for seasonal events.

Parent Instrumental Classes

This class provides parents who are interested in continuing to advance on their instrument after the first year as beginners with an opportunity to play music in a class or ensemble setting. The structure and content of the class depends on demand.

Mamas & Papas

We usually have a group of parents who already play violin or cello (or another instrument) and enjoy getting together to play during their children’s group classes. Sometimes they even give performances warmly received by the students and other parents at our ensemble concerts.