ESM Online Classes

Our online classes will be taught using Zoom software. See below for instructions.
Teacher information: Click here.

Parent Information:

You will need:
  • Computer/tablet (device) with Zoom client software installed on it.
    Click here for Zoom installation instructions.
  • Strong internet connection. Hard-wiring into your internet router is best.
    If using wi-fi, place your device as close as possible to your router and eliminate nearby sources of interference.
  • Speakers. Often built into the device.
    Using external speakers or over-the-head headphones will make the class experience easier to follow.
  • Microphone. Often built into the device.
    Using an external mic (such as these) will significantly improve your child's sound quality in the online class.
    (Check whether your device allows for an external mic.)
  • Webcam. Often built into the device.
To join an online class: ('Meeting')
  1. Unpack your instrument, tune it and rosin your bow, and set up everything you'll need for class:
    Cello chair, music stand, books or sheet music, etc.
  2. Position yourself for the camera to see:
    • Violinists & violists: Upper half of body, including left hand and extended bow arm.
    • Cellists: From head to below cello bridge, including extended bow arm.
      Cellists may need to speak louder than usual, as their device will be a short distance away.
      External speakers may be particularly helpful.
  3. Check that you have the latest version of Zoom (see info here).
  4. Get the class/teacher's Zoom Meeting ID number. This info is in an email to all ESM families.
  5. Shortly before your class is scheduled to begin (approx 5-10 min before), Join the Meeting by either:
  6. Type in this info as prompted:
    • Teacher's Meeting ID
    • Student's first name (using your actual name will greatly assist your teacher!)
    and then click Join. See photo:

    Joining from a desktop/laptop

  7. Enter the class password when prompted. This info is in an email to all ESM families.
  8. You will be placed into the teacher's Waiting Room. Zoom will notify the teacher that you are waiting there.

    Waiting to be admitted into the Meeting

    Please note that when you are admitted into the Meeting, your microphone will be muted by Zoom and only your teacher can unmute your microphone.
  9. After you have been admitted into the Meeting, check your Audio Settings in Zoom:
    This step is NOT available on tablets or cellphones.
    • Find the microphone icon at the bottom or top of your screen.
      Click the arrow beside the icon (see photo).

      Click on the arrow beside the microphone icon, then click on Audio Settings.

    • Click on "Audio Settings...".
    • In the Audio Settings window, uncheck the box for "Automatically adjust volume" (Microphone). (see photo)

      Uncheck the box for "Automatically adjust volume"

    • Click on "Advanced".
    • See photo:
      • Checkmark the box for "Show in-meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound'...".
      • Set "Suppress Persistent Background Noise" to Disable.
      • Set "Suppress Intermittent Background Noise" to Disable.
      • "Echo cancellation" is likely ok as Auto.

      Advanced Audio settings

    • Close the Settings window.
  10. For optimal musical instrument sound, we want Zoom to use 'Original Sound'.
    Look for the 'Original Sound' button within your Meeting screen (see photo).
    If the button says "Turn on Original Sound", click it so that it reads "Turn off Original Sound".

    To turn ON Original Sound, click the button so that it says "Turn off".

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in class! :-)
If you have questions, please contact Tricia or Myra.