Setting Up for Online Performances

This page is for students who are presenting an online solo performance, including participation in Book Recitals and year-end recitals.

Our suggested setup for performing solos online:

  • Face the instrument's f-holes towards the webcam.
    • Be sure that the student's extended bow arm is included in the frame.
  • Place the webcam at the student's height.
    • For example, stack books underneath the computer/device if needed.
  • Plug the computer/device into AC power for optimal device performance.
    • At minimum, please fully charge the device beforehand!
  • Also plug the computer/device directly into your internet router for maximum bandwidth.
  • Use an external microphone, if available, to produce higher-quality audio.
  • Not illustrated: While your child is performing, consider covering the Zoom audience on your screen with a sheet of paper to help minimize distractions.

Piano tracks:

See our suggested setup for piano accompaniment tracks, if applicable.

Additional notes:

  • Please rehearse your solo performance setup with your studio teacher.
  • Check that your child has an appropriate public performance outfit ready.
    • Colours are welcome, unless otherwise indicated.
    • Tie optional.
    • Please: No t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, or jeans.
  • Check that you have the latest version of Zoom installed.
  • Double-check your Zoom audio settings as per the instructions on the "Joining a Zoom Meeting" webpage.
  • Close all other apps/software on your computer/device.

During the ESM Recital Event:

  • IMPORTANT: Student performers should join the Zoom meeting using their actual first name (surname optional). This greatly assists the teachers who are managing the event.
  • Student performers will receive info via email about recital soundcheck times.
    • Students signing in for soundchecks will be placed into Zoom "breakout rooms", where ESM faculty will do final checks on tuning and short (partial) run-throughs.
    • Please do not be late for your assigned soundcheck time. Otherwise, there may not be enough time for you to do a soundcheck.
  • Each performer will be announced during the recital.
  • All performers are requested to be present throughout the entire recital, out of respect for their fellow performers.
  • ESM is not currently recording online events. However, families are welcome to set up a tripod and videotape their child while he or she plays in the recital.
If you have questions, please contact your studio teacher.
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