Etobicoke Suzuki Music

ESM Programs

Etobicoke Suzuki Music offers a wide range of music programs:

Core Program

ESM's immersive Core Program is for violin, viola, and cello students. Students range from preschool age to high school seniors. Click here for information about our Core Program.

Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program aims to round out the musical experience of our Core Program students. Click here for information about our Enrichment Program.

Suzuki Sprouts

Also known as SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education), our Suzuki Sprouts program offers interactive, tailored, and progressive music classes for babies and young children. Click here for information about Suzuki Sprouts.

Practice Buddies

Practice Buddies are senior ESM students who receive training to mentor younger ESM students. The mentors give one-on-one guidance to mentees during their home practice. These mentorships provide unique leadership opportunities to the mentors. Typically, mentors will meet with their mentee weekly. Interested mentors and mentees are welcome to opt in to this program. Practice Buddies webpage: Under construction.

SAA Suzuki Teacher Training

ESM offers accredited SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas) Suzuki Teacher Training courses. Click here for information about ESM's SAA Teacher Training courses.