ESM Practice Buddy Program

A wonderful part of the Suzuki experience is the mixing of students of different ages and the learning that happens between younger and older students. A more formal part of this interaction between younger and older students is the Practice Buddy system. Practice buddies work with younger students on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. A practice buddy may visit a younger student's house or may ask the student to come to them, depending on their preference.
The role of a practice buddy is primarily role modeling. The older student is an inspiration to the younger student, and their visits can be highly motivating for both. Practicing buddies will learn to do the following with younger students:
  • Practice scales and tonalizations
  • Play duets together
  • Listen for intonation and good tone
  • Help polish rusty pieces
  • Work on review pieces
  • Play review games
  • Work on specific technical assignments
  • Help break down difficult passages

Find a Practice Buddy

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Training for New Practice Buddies

Upcoming course: Sunday March 1, 2020
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