Before You Register

We require beginning families (parent and child) to observe three classes:

  1. the lesson of a young violin student;
  2. the lesson of a young cello student; and
  3. a beginner group class

These are a minimum. You are welcome and encouraged to observe any further classes and/or events such as our concerts and recitals.

Registration Procedures

We begin registration for the following year in late March / early April.


Please obtain an Observation Form, fill it out as you do your observation and submit it with your Registration Form. This observation is to help you decide if this method of teaching suits you and your family and to determine whether your child is ready to start. Our experience has shown that the better you understand what is involved from the beginning, the better are the results for all concerned. Contact us to arrange observations.

Arranging a Private Lesson Time

After you complete your observation, and have discussed it with the appropriate instrumental co-ordinator (violin: Margot Jewell, cello: Tricia Balmer), you may confirm a lesson time with one of our teachers.

Beginner Registration Package

If you decide to register, your initial registration fee includes a Beginner Package that you will receive in the mail soon after registering. It will contain the Book 1 CD and book for your child's instrument, and two books which we encourage you to read as soon as possible, Ability Development from Age Zero, by Dr. S. Suzuki and Making it Easier, Helping Parents Practice, by Ed Sprunger.


  1. Transfer students: fill out the Registration Form and submit it with the registration fee to our mailing address.
  2. Beginning students: fill out the Beginner Registration Form and submit it with your Observation Form and the registration/beginner package fee.
Tuition (2019-2020)

Registration Fee

We are currently revising this website. Please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@etobicokesuzukimusic.ca


The stated fee amounts represent 1 term. For the annual fee, multiply by 6 terms. The fee includes 36 weeks of private lessons, 24 weeks of groups activities, as well as an annual all-day workshop with guest teachers, and the opportunity to play in two group concerts and multiple solo recitals.

Fees are payable at the first lesson with 6 post-dated cheques (one per term) MADE OUT TO YOUR TEACHER and dated as follows:

September 9, 2019
October 20, 2019
December 1, 2019
January 26, 2020
March 8, 2020
April 26, 2020

The 2019-2020 ESM year completes on June 6, 2020.


Program of Instruction

The Etobicoke Suzuki program consists of 36 weeks of private lessons and 24 weeks of group activities, as well as two concerts, a solo recital and the annual all day workshop. Also available are enrichment classes. Please refer to the ESM calendar for the year's events. Upon acceptance, participation in the program is for the full year.

Withdrawal Policy

Registration with ESM is for the whole year. The 36 weeks of lessons are split into 6 equal terms for payment by post dated cheques, dated for the beginning of each term. All cheques are given to your teacher at your first lesson. Students who register part way through the year will have their fees pro-rated. We will not refund fees once a cheque has been cashed. If extenuating circumstances require that you withdraw part way through the year (family re-location, illness, etc.), remaining uncashed payments will returned.

Photographs and Videos

Some ESM events will be photographed and/or video recorded. These photographs and videos may appear in ESM publications, the ESM website and/or any other location that may benefit ESM. Children will not be identified by name in publicity photos or videos without prior specific consent. By registering with ESM, you are providing your consent to the above. Please note that it is your responsibility to remove your child from events if you do not want them photographed or filmed.

Missed Lesson Policy

If a child misses a lesson for any reason, the teacher is not responsible for making up this lesson. Your teacher is a professional who has reserved a certain time in her weekly time schedule for you. Your teacher is at the lesson whether or not you attend.

Any lesson cancelled by the teacher will be made up. Make-up lessons from the fall term must be completed before the winter break and lessons from the spring term must be made up by one week after the end of lessons or the lessons will be forfeited.

The school will be closed for two weeks for Winter holidays and for one week for March Break (see calendar for specific dates). Lessons missed on any other week for these holidays will not be made up.

Any group classes cancelled because of inclement weather or other exceptional circumstances will not be made up.

Group Class Attendance and Behaviour

Our group class attendance policy emphasizes the importance of group classes in a Suzuki program. The success of the Suzuki teaching method relies equally on private lessons and group classes. Consequently, at ESM we have structured the program to provide a substantial group class experience and this is one of the strengths of our program. The obvious purposes of group class are social motivation (providing a fun and inspiring context to play music with peers) and concert preparation.

In addition, the following skills are learned in group class:

  • Unison playing; preparation for playing in an ensemble or orchestra
  • Musicality
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Social skills related to group dynamics

Therefore, group class attendance is expected as part participation in the program. If you cannot attend a group class, notify your group class teacher as far ahead as possible by phone or email with your reason why you cannot attend. Group class content is planned with all the group members in mind. The absence of individuals will likely affect a teacher's plans for a particular class. In the event of a last minute problem, we appreciate that you had the courtesy to let us know the circumstances, even if you leave a message after the fact.

Parents are expected to attend group classes with their children. Students who disrupt the class with inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave at the discretion of the teacher.

Concert Rehearsal Attendance

Concert Dress Rehearsal attendance is mandatory. Although concert material is rehearsed in group classes, there are few times in the year when we rehearse as a large group. We use a checklist of concert pieces to ensure students are well prepared for the concert performance. Therefore these rehearsals are important in a different way from a group class. There is not much that is more exciting than an excellent unified group performance resulting from everyone's best efforts and participation.

Ensemble Attendance

We continue to require 75% attendance at ensemble rehearsals in order to play in the concerts. Attendance will be taken each week. Again, notify your conductor as far ahead as possible with your reason why you absolutely cannot attend a particular rehearsal.

Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an increasing distraction in lessons and groups. We are requiring that you turn them off during classes, except in an emergency. Please show your children this respect.

Parental Responsibility

In order to fully nurture your child's musical development, you are responsible for:

  • Obtaining a properly sized instrument
  • Pruchasing appropriate music instruction books and recordings
  • Supervising your child's daily practice and listening
  • Attending the appropriate parent education classes and discussions
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Suzuki philosophy by reading such books as Dr. Suzuki's Ability Development from Age Zero and Nurtured By Love and William Starr's To Learn With Love.