Suzuki Teacher Training

Since its introduction in North America more than forty years ago, the Suzuki Method has become a major force in music education. It has been successfully implemented in many different situations and is recognized by national music organizations. Interest in the method has grown as teachers, parents, and students experience its results. This has led to an increasing need for qualified Suzuki teachers in the Americas and abroad.
The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) has designed a comprehensive Teacher Development Program. The Program's carefully organized curriculum is presented by experienced SAA-registered Teacher Trainers who guide participants through the Suzuki Method© repertoire and pedagogy, unit by unit. Requirements have been formulated to ensure high standards for teacher training, and to make possible the recognition of such training.
Full details about the Teacher Development (Training) Program are found here: SAA Teacher Training
Margot Jewell, founder of Etobicoke Suzuki Music (ESM) in 1982, is a registered Suzuki Violin Teacher Trainer with the SAA. She has been inspiring young violinists and teachers for decades. She presently teaches at ESM with a group of 11 highly-trained teachers. She received training from many inspiring Suzuki trainers, including a three-month study time in Matsumoto with Shinichi Suzuki in 1985.

Upcoming Suzuki Teacher Training Courses

  • Suzuki Violin Unit 1

    Unit 1 gives teachers the tools and strategies necessary to set up tiny violinists as young as 3 years old.
    • Stay tuned for Fall 2020 news!
    Unit 1 Prerequisite:  
    Unit 1 Requirements:
    • SAA Active membership: Join the SAA.
    • Audition video sent to the SAA. Audition instructions: Teacher Audition Guide.
      All audition materials must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the course.
    • 100% attendance at all classes.